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How do you stay sane in the rain?

Sally Homola
“I put on my boots, rain pants and rain coat and I go jump in puddles with kids.”

Nicolaos Skimas
“I exercise a lot, so I don’t feel like I’m cooped up inside so much, and I hang out with my family. I like to talk to them and socialize with others, which helps take your mind off the rain.”

Matt Schaaff
“Obviously, make sure that you have a raincoat so that you’re not soaked because if you get wet you’d freeze and feel pretty irritable and lose your sanity at that point. Having a jacket on and keeping warm is keeping you comfortable and sane so when it’s pouring rain wear comfortable clothing, feel comfortable, look good, feel good. “

Kristina Gavrilin
“We stay sane in the rain by putting on awesome rain boots and waterproof coats and then splashing and not caring what people think. And just making the best out of it 300 days a year.”

Emylina Burunov
“I read a book and drink hot cocoa, laugh a bunch with friends and family, and do homework.”

Ciprian Popescu
“First of all the rain is who I am. I study better when I look outside and it’s raining, it puts me in the mood. But, obviously staying sane in the rain is staying indoors and liking the rain.”

Sabir Perek
“The biggest thing that helps me is the hope to go up snowboarding. That’s what I love about the Washington weather is that if it’s raining here it’s snowing up there and that’s always exciting.”


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